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Tcaor committee

executive committee

The Executive Committee may make time sensitive operating decisions requiring action that should not await attention at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors, providing the action is consistent with the Association’s policies, governing documents and budget.

budget & long range committee

Reviews and recommends ways to maintain the financial stability for the Association. Approves the annual budget. Recommends funding, changes, or policies in order for the Association to meet anticipated needs for the future. Meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month @ 1:00 to review monthly financial statements and compare YTD expenses to the Annual Budget. The committee coordinates the planning and budgeting activities of the Association.It is responsible for setting the long term direction for the association by identifying critical issues of importance to REALTORS® based on an analysis of member needs and driving forces affecting the evolution of the real estate market and brokerage industry. The committee also works to ensure the financial viability of the Association. It reviews financial statements, recommends policy changes and reviews and approves proposed expenditures recommended by other committees that are not part of the current budget. It is responsible for developing the annual program objectives and budget which is then presented to the Board of Directors for their approval. Committee members serve staggered three-year terms.

bylaws committee

The function of the Committee will be to conducts, review and submit on a 2-year basis the Association’s bylaws to NAR. Committee members work in conjunction with the Association attorney to obtain NAR’s approval.

education & membership committee

Oversees New Member Orientation. Recommends and coordinates all seminars offered to the membership, keep members informed of all education requirements. Informing Membership of the laws and changes related to our business and standards of practice. Reports monthly to the Board of Directors with written and/or oral report.

governmental affairs committee

The Tehama Association of REALTORS® advocates for the interests of its members and their clients, both at the government level and at the local community level. The Governmental Affairs Community covers three important aspect of our business; Legislative, Local Government, and Public Affairs.The purpose of the Community Relations committee is to monitor legal issues for homeowners and REALTORS®, with knowledge of current and proposed legislation affecting the real estate industry. Develops and promote projects that enhance the image of the REALTOR® organization, individual members, and the community it serves as well as annual projects to and for our community.Keeps the Board of Directors informed of legislative information affecting the real estate Industry and private property rights

  • Disseminate legislative information affecting the real estate industry and private property rights.
  • Educate members on legislative activity and the importance of political awareness.
  • Encourage members to take an active interest in the political affairs.
  • Monitor government action on all levels and works with our Public Relations Committee to:
    – Increase relationships with the press and radio in the Red Bluff area.
    – Participate in community activities and civic efforts to protect and promote real property ownership.
    – Encourage all members to participate in community affairs and publicize their efforts

grievance committee

A standing committee of the Tehama County Association of Realtors® under Article XII, Section I of the Bylaws.Serve as an investigative and screening committee. Refer valid ethical complaints and requests for arbitration to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing and determination, including possible disciplinary action.

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AUTHORITY: A standing committee of the Tehama Association of Realtors® under Article XIL Section I of the Bylaws. PURPOSE: This Committee is to serve as a self-enforcement vehicle to educate members about ethical conduct among Board Members and the public in accordance with the Realtors® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and to follow through on complaints about the ethical conduct of Realtors® from other Realtors® and the public.

mls comittee

The mission of the committee is to work to assure that REALTORS® remain the primary provider of information about real estate. To that end, the Committee: a) Promotes and adopts Model MLS Rules and policies that comply with legal requirements and N.A.R. and C.A.R. policies. Reviews MLS rules and recommends prudent changes to the Board of Directors (BOD). b) Facilitates the exchange of information to members of TCAOR and other local Associations of REALTOR®-OWNED MLSs/Regions and disseminates information regarding legal developments which impact the MLS. c) Holds MLS Committee meetings monthly, addresses new membership, reviews inquires and complaints from members relating to the MLS and makes recommendations to the BOD as necessary to answer and/or resolve the issues.

Professional Standards Training is required

Public Relations & Scholarship Committee

A standing committee of the Tehama Association of Realtors® under Article XI1 Section I of the Bylaws. Committees and Taskforces consist of volunteer members. Chairs are nominated by the President and Co-Chairs are nominated by the President Elect. All committees or taskforces roster are approved by the Board of Directors. The Association Executive carefully considers issues within their scope of responsibility and work to achieve the goals of the business plan.Committees recommend policies and action plans to the Board for approval.The function of the Committee will be limited to writing articles and press releases for publication in local print media and on the TCAOR web site. Articles will focus on general real estate information for consumers, important real estate related news items and TCAOR press releases.

social committee

Annually chooses a non profit to receive the proceeds of the silent auction from the Tehama County Association of Realtors annual Gala.

2023 Affiliate Committee Members

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Budgest & Long Range
Barbara Dancel
River City Realty
Steve Mandolfo
Preferred Agents
Education / Membership
Teri Downey
Coldwell Banker C&C
530 351-1356

Governmental Affairs
Victoria Miranda
RE/MAX Top Properties
530 200-0480
Mark Garstang
530 200-0901
Steve Mandolfo
Preferred Agents R.E.
Public Relations / Scholarship
Kam LaLaguna
Round Up Realty
Barbara Dancel
River City Realty
Lesa Harris
Summit Funding
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