Consumer Outreach

Consumer Outreach

As the leading advocate for private property rights, homeownership and housing, NAR’s issues are often closely aligned with those affecting consumers.

The real estate industry faces a number of challenges in the next few years; these challenges offer NAR and its REALTOR® members a unique opportunity to directly engage the public to build a consumer advocacy network around the issues that will impact home buyers, sellers and investors.

Building a meaningful, long-term relationship with consumers is essential to support homeownership, real estate investment, and the very future of the real estate industry.

The issue isn’t whether someone chooses to rent or buy today; it’s whether they’ll be able to become homeowners in the future.

REALTORS® believe anyone who is able and willing to assume the responsibilities of owning a home should have the opportunity to pursue that dream.

The Tehama Association of REALTORS® advocates for the interests of its members and their clients. The purpose of the Community Relations committee is develope and promote projects that enhance the image of the REALTOR® organization, individual members, and the community it serves as well as annual projects to and for our community.

Keeps the Board of Directors informed of legislative information affecting the real estate industry and private property rights.
Disseminate legislative information affecting the real estate industry and private property rights.
 Educate members on legislative activity and the importance of political awareness.

Encourage members to take an active interest in the political affairs of the local, state and federal government through analysis and suggested action on important legislation.

Monitor government action on all levels and works with our Public Relations Committee to:
Increase relationships with the press and radio in the Red Bluff area and surrounding areas and adequately publicize all meetings, and Association activities.
Participate in Local Community events to promote the Association and a positive community image (i.e. Farmers Markets, Toys for Tots, Back to School Projects)
Participate in community activities and civic efforts to protect and promote real property ownership.
Encourage all members to participate in community affairs and publicize their efforts.